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Why build Territory Planning into Salesforce

EMPAUA - November 24, 2020 - 0 comments

If your company has plans to expand to other locations, either within or outside the country, effective planning of sales and operations in those territories is key. In turn leading to a significant increase in sales, a considerable decrease in operational costs and an overall improvement in the coverage of customers and the relationships you build with them. 

Salesforce recommends considering the following questions when thinking about territory planning at your company:

  • Does your organization have territories?
  • Is territory planning time-consuming for sales leaders in your organization?
  • Are you often looking for a more efficient territory planning solution?

If you are familiar with Salesforce and its functionality, you may already be aware of Salesforce Maps and its Territory Planning units. According to Salesforce, “while there are many ways to divide your sales territories, it’s time-consuming to manually comb through sales data to reorganize territories. If done incorrectly, you face an uneven distribution of opportunities. Unbalanced territories also negatively impact your business, whether a sales team is spread too thin or there are too many sales reps covering a territory. In either case, Territory Planning is the solution to help successfully navigate the difficult territory planning processes companies face”.

What are the key features of Salesforce Territory Planning? 

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As an operating manager, you may have encountered difficulties with your clients when their sales team changes or have moved to another location, which makes it difficult to track their processes in real-time. You may also encounter problems with planning or optimising your Sales Representatives’ time spent in certain territories. All of the manual processes and the collection of (truth) data is solved with Salesforce Territory Planning, a powerful Salesforce Maps tool that you can find within the Sales Cloud component. 

When we talk about Territory Planning in this context, we are referring to all of the information you can and should to utilise to optimise the planning of the territories. As an Operations Manager, you will be able to flexibly build out different reports for different needs and for different teams, filtering accordingly.

The impact on your business 

Globalisation has enabled many companies to expand their business to other cities or countries at a much faster rate than just a few years ago. However, sales teams seem to still feel afraid of global changes, especially nowadays where everything is so uncertain. From a sales team perspective, they have questions such as “how do I continually care for my team during these challenging times”, while from a sales operations point of view, the question might be “how do I put into place the technology needed to allow sales teams to navigate these changes”.  

While there are different ways to manage and divide up sales territories, your sales force (see what we did there?) needs to know how to handle sales data to reorganise territories efficiently. If you don’t incorporate a platform in your internal systems that allow you to visualise (and control) each of these locations, you could face a critical risk situation for your team and the company. You can fall into an uneven distribution of opportunities, which turns your locations into unbalanced territories, negatively impacting your business.

The 3 biggest benefits

  1. Visualise territory mappings 
  2. Model and optimise GTM scenarios 
  3. Collaborate and deploy in CRM

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Written by: Andrew Lukasiewicz, Team Lead, Solution Architect at EMPAUA | Salesforce Application Architect | 12x SFDC certified.

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