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Pardot: the marketing automation tool you need to work from home

EMPAUA - April 15, 2020 - 0 comments

EMPAUA Salesforce Solutions


Since we began to be quarantined, many companies have been forced to find solutions that keep both sales and operations activities and allow employees to continue their work and collaborate with colleagues remotely. 

This is something that for a large number of firms has been challenging, as many companies do not have the necessary digital processes or do not have the technologies at hand to deal with the crisis. These processes, technologies and also the experience of virtualisation and digitalisation of business processes would allow many companies to unify their operations on a cloud computing platform and work together in virtual environments. One of the reasons why is the moment to push your digital transformation journey now. So, are you looking for a way to ensure your marketing team and sales team are working on the same prospects at the proper time with the right communication – but completely remote?

Pardot, powered by Salesforce, is the go-to solution for companies with a deep focus on customer relationships through lead management, marketing automation and customer engagement. Pardot will help you break down the data silos between marketing and sales, remove the overview of subscription management, stop sales from complaining about cold leads, and assist marketing with being restricted in the information they can use to automate email campaigns.

All functionality is provided in a secure cloud environment ensuring all your data is safe. The benefit of this cloud approach is a completely remote working environment for your marketing team to plan, design, send and report on all marketing activities. What’s more, all relevant marketing information is directly available to your sales team so they have the insights they need to have more targeted conversations and close more deals faster (See Salesforce Sales Cloud). 


EMPAUA Salesforce Solutions


What you should know about Pardot

Pardot as a tool is designed to be implemented and used remotely without having the necessity of meeting face-to-face.  This includes ongoing technical support via email, chat or phone, online strategy sessions with Pardot’s Success Specialist team and free training, deep-dive webinars and unlimited access to the Pardot Knowledge Base.

As mentioned, Pardot has a multi-user functionality and remote cooperation: Just allocate different roles to your users to limit access to functionalities and start working together on email & landing page design. To ensure your data is safe, you can limit the access to Pardot to defined IP-Addresses and restrict the amount of data a user can import/export from your system. To avoid miscommunication, you can even set up approval processes for campaigns in Salesforce to ensure you move your campaign into the next phase with your manager’s consent. 

With the help of the marketing calendar, everybody can get a glimpse of all the social posts and email campaigns planned to be shared with the world.

A Salesforce implementation partner like EMPAUA can make the Pardot configuration process easy for you: all requirements can be defined via a remote workshop and a guided questionnaire. According to those, the initial technical setup between Pardot and Salesforce is done, forms are integrated on your website and your marketing assets, ideas and automation are set up. That way, you are ready to go within days. Virtual training sessions and corresponding training documentation ensure your confidence in using the new tool.

Download “Salesforce Implementation: In-house vs outsource” white paper for free. 

EMPAUA Salesforce Solutions

Still not convinced? Here are some use cases of remote working and how Pardot can help you achieve your goals:

Supporting Lead Generation.

Is your sales team unable to visit events to generate new leads and opportunities or wants to focus on new inbound leads? You can create landing pages within Pardot, host your content and allow prospects to contact you directly with dynamic forms. As this might not be enough to ensure leads are fully engaged with your brand, they can be added to automated nurturing programmes that include behaviour-based decisions and email follow-ups.

Once the lead is qualified and hot, it can directly be handed over to Sales with insights on which email communication they’ve received, what content the lead has engaged with and which parts of the website they have visited.

Automated Webinar Registration

Do you host a lot of webinars or plan to use webinars to capture new leads? You can easily connect Pardot with GoToMeeting or Eventbrite as well as other webinar and third-party applications to capture registrations and attendance. Once a person has registered, you can easily follow up with automated event reminders and post-event email campaigns using Pardot’s Engagement Studio.

Increase Sales and Reduce the Sales-cycle.

Some sales cycles might take longer than expected and your sales team might need some support from the marketing team to convince leads to purchase. With Pardot, sales agents can easily add prospects to additional nurturing campaigns to send out defined email messages based on the status of the sales process and order volume. But that is not all – you can directly notify the sales agent when the prospect has clicked the email so they can follow up immediately while your brand is still on top of their minds.

Keep your brand close to your clients.

Are you not keeping in touch with your client post-sale? Do you want to optimise your account management process? Once a deal is closed, Pardot will help you keep your brand at the forefront of your customer’s mind. Send your client on a defined automated journey with dynamic content based on purchased or related products, or even send them an email to capture feedback on your services. By increasing the touchpoints with the right message at the right time, you are preparing your customers to close the next deal with your sales team faster.

As good as it all sounds, changes in marketing infrastructure and processes have a big impact on marketing budget and reputation. To help you decide, Pardot offers you a handy calculation to forecast if an investment in Pardot justifies itself.

If you’re still not sure how Pardot works and want more information, then get in touch with us for a detailed, personalised Pardot demo to fit your business case.


EMPAUA Salesforce Solutions

EMPAUA Salesforce Solutions

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