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2020 Salesforce MVPs: We have two MVPs within our team!

Karla Ide Romero - March 16, 2020 - 0 comments

EMPAUA Salesforce Solutions

In March, Salesforce announced the 2020 MVPs list and we are so proud to have not only one, but two Salesforce MVPs within our team: Geoffrey Besserau and Ben McCarthy!

This is Geff’s first nomination as an MVP for founding SFXD – The Salesforce Discord Exchange, a community-first Salesforce discussion group, where he plays the roles as moderator, main wiki contributor, hoster of services, general help-giver on architecture subjects or MDAPI hacks mainly.

Ben, on his side, has been re-named MVP for his great contribution to the Salesforce community through the most-visited Salesforce Blog:, where he actively supports Salesforce professionals with information to advance their careers, and which has reached 1K posts recently. Check them out!

What is a Salesforce MVP or “Most Valuable Person”? Read more about them here

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