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Ready, steady, go! Welcome to EMPAUA Frankfurt

Karla Ide Romero - March 2, 2020 - 0 comments

EMPAUA Salesforce Solutions

It all began with 7 founders from different countries around Europe sitting together one evening, talking about how amazing their own Salesforce Org at DeinDeal was; and in that very moment, the idea to support startups with their own Salesforce setup was born!

Officially, EMPAUA started in July 2014 in a flat in Zurich, but the first entities were founded in November of the same year in Berlin and Barcelona. The company was called UBERFORCE back then. Things progressed rapidly and during the next four years, we opened offices in London, Madrid, Zurich and Munich, respectively.

Today, we are proud to go further and open a new office in the most important financial centre in Germany and the home of the European Central Bank: Frankfurt am Main!

EMPAUA Salesforce Solutions for Hypergrowth Companies

Why Frankfurt? 

In comparison to Berlin, Hamburg or Munich, total investments in startups in Frankfurt is still below €100 million in total. One key reason behind this is that the infrastructure and ecosystem for startups are less established compared to Berlin. 

However, the good news is that Frankfurt is gaining traction in this area and catching up fast. Political and market forces are actively creating a more efficient ecosystem for founders and startups to be based in this financial city, so they can reach their next level of success easier and faster. 

We, at EMPAUA, embrace this situation, we want to be part of this change and support firms on their journey. One of our main objectives in Frankfurt is to help small and mid-size companies write their own success stories, just like N26, Flixbus and wefox did only a few years ago. How did they achieve such exponential growth? We implemented Salesforce for them as a basis for hypergrowth, providing not only a state of the art CRM, used by the leading enterprises around the world but a cloud ecosystem that allows you to think of Salesforce as a platform on which to scale.

Why are we opening a new office in Frankfurt? The Rhein-Main region has a lot of mid-size companies with diverse and established business models. Nevertheless, when it comes to digitalisation, innovation or inventions, most of those corporations face the same challenges: how to scale, competing against newcomers, branching out, and being disruptive in their own sectors without losing focus. 

In addition, besides finding answers to all of these questions, it must be understood that the right setup is the key to successfully transitioning into a digital future. This is why we aim to help companies to implement efficient software, and Salesforce has expertise on multiple levels. Change is going to happen regardless, so ready, steady, go: Welcome to EMPAUA Frankfurt! 

Change is going to happen regardless, so ready, steady, go! EMPAUA Frankfurt.  

EMPAUA Salesforce Solutions

What are we planning to do?

We will invite companies to complete a free Health Check (one of our most popular services) with us. A deep dive discovery into their digital setup and infrastructure to determine their pain-points and the state of their digital readiness. 

When a company makes the decision to scale through digital transformation strategies, agility is often a frequently discussed topic.  Our agile approach sees us focus on the most important value chains in an organisation, generally Sales, Service or Marketing. It’s a methodology that’s appropriate for any type of business, large or small, entrepreneurial or established, because it allows companies to easily measure the impact of change, using the tools that a Salesforce system provides natively.

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