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How do we help Fintech companies in the UK?

Karla Ide Romero - January 16, 2020 - 0 comments

Being in London, which is one of the financial capitals of the world, we’ve worked with a lot of FinTech companies helping them get into the cloud with Salesforce and implementing different modules such as sales processes, customer’s processes and also marketing.

And what we see from startups quite a lot, specifically in the FinTech industry, is they grow so fast that they don’t really focus on a CRM strategy, so they have a lot of different systems which aren’t speaking to each other. 

One of the ways that we’ve have worked with a lot of different FinTech companies in London is helping them to consolidate everything in one platform which is Salesforce. This ables to give them a complete 360 degrees view of their customers, what customers are buying, any support issues and also helps them to market as well.

How do we help #Fintech companies in the UK? Watch Ben McCarthy, our Managing Director in London, explain how we’re supporting these companies to move into the cloud with Salesforce and implement their processes for sales, customers, and marketing.








Ben McCarthy, Managing Director EMPAUA London.


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